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癒森林 關於我們


大自然 不僅是開闊的美景令人心嚮神往,清新的香氣更總能讓人有著豁然開朗的感受。來自台灣的香氛品牌 癒森林便是創辦人將居住在台灣山林間的感受到的點點滴滴,巧妙化為多款不同的香氛氣息而打造。不只是每一款都代表著截然不同的風景,包裝上的極簡設計也暗藏著不少浪漫靈感。

Forest Land Fragrance began focusing on producing flower gifts in 2019. Initially, we created flower gifts and diffusers for customers to give to their friends and family, and our business has since expanded.

癒森林 關於我們

The Forest癒 森林

的品牌靈感主旨是讓現代人在城市忙碌的壓力間能透過嗅覺感受到森林,進入自己的冥想來達到放鬆舒壓的平靜情緒, 除專屬打造的森林香氛外,品牌極簡的包裝設計也帶著濃厚的極簡美學。以簡約手繪的包裝圖案中,更是隨著不同款式的香氛,悄悄夾雜了各自代表的圖案。

The Forest is a brand we take pride in. By promoting the fusion of forest, healing, fragrance, and sustainability, we incorporate Taiwan’s indigenous plants and the island’s unique materials into gift boxes. This allows us to integrate them into customers’ living spaces, enabling the recipients to experience the beauty of the four seasons, thus deepening their connection with the land. We prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials in the production and packaging of our flower gifts, with the hope of guiding the new generation to treat our earth in a friendly and respectful manner.


各式樣的壓力可能會造成生心理出現疾病問題, 我們選用各種放鬆的天然芬芳療法搭配水晶的治癒力讓現代人獲得治癒的出口,在設計包裝上採用天然環保材質並減少塑料使用,品牌一同加入保護永續環境的行列。

The forest 癒森林 目前共有5種天然木材植物萃取精油10款森林系列香氛,商品類別則是包括天然精油、香氛油、香芬蠟塊、造型擴香、療癒水晶等。全系列商品皆是使用有產地源頭認證的有機成分,並且拒絕使用一般香水配方中可能隱藏的致癌物質。包裝材料同樣選用嚴格控管的環保簡約材料。

Successful online marketing has enabled us to amass over 100,000 orders in a year. We have distribution partners in department stores like Eslite and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi in Taiwan, as well as online shopping platforms like Lotte. We have consistently been the top seller for LINE gifts for an extended period, with orders spanning across Taiwan and Japan.

癒森林 關於我們
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